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The speed of our priority

Goods that our company carries always deliver within the deadline and under any conditions. We try to be flexible in every direction.

Safety first

At every step we take the proper safety. All our expeditions are properly insured. Plus option schemes.

Service transport and system

We're close, even if the consignment far. Due to continuous customer service and dispatching system for tracking.
Ask our client

You can see the quality that we offer to our clients. Our reference we always in the first position.

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About company ŠAFRANEXPRES

We are since 1995 and in that time we have built his professional tradition. Initially the family business because of its constantly-expanding engagement skills national and international transport has grown into an internationally recognized reliable business partner for companies and institutions, big-name brands. Ask others on our reference - we tend to convince ourselves the other.
Safran Expres

Speed ​​and reliability

Handling, storage and handling - different requirements for storage and warehousing of goods we provide for mutual consultation on specific order. With us you can arrange customs clearance, delivery to countries outside the EU, ensuring, incorporate and customs clearance of shipments, documents.

Professional drivers are regularly trained and tested regularly, of course, regular medical examinations. We care about their comfort and satisfaction, because only then we know that the work is fun and we can rely on them in all directions.

We build you a new logistics center

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